Underground Conference has a mandatory registration process including vetting your scene history. We are not doing this because we are elitist assholes, but this really serves a purpose.

Please note that there no ticket sales at the door.
This is in part because we don't have a door.


Underground Conference all is about going to the limits in every regard. It takes freedom of expression to extreme levels. If you are an unstable person, this might be dangerous. If you are mixing drugs with lasers, you better know how to handle both. We therefore want to make sure that orga team already knows about your party habits prior to you showing up. 

Also, we don't want "party animals". You are not a visitor, you are a participant. We expect you to contribute, not consume. UC has so many weird competitions that there is absolutely no excuse for not taking part in any. You can't code? Fine, but maybe you can dance to a SID tune, or take part in a water battle on the pond? There are plenty of options. And of course you may simply offer to help out being part of the organizing team.

Due to all this: A registration here does not mean you are approved to join the party. It's an application. You really have to suck a lot and be a total asshole to not get approved, but if you aren't sure you are well-known to the organizers, please give us a little bit more info about yourself. 

And of course, there now is Covid-19. While our security concept makes it extremely likely, we might need to be able to contact you in case someone who has visited tests positive later. 


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