The compensate for all the other parties that did not take place, UC11 in July 2011 for the first time in 25 years ran for a full week, providing sceners the much needed combination of party and vacation. 

In all of July Germany had been covered with Thunderstorms, with some causing dramatic flooding and hundreds dead later in July. UC11 also had been severely affected by that crazy weather. Already doing the three day phase of the party we had to evacuate the area, and some of the organizers nearly got killed by a tree crashing down on us while building the main hall.

While we did have a couple of days with some sun, we constantly had to fight against weather trying to annoy or destroy us. On Saturday evening we even had to abort the epic "Jazz up the scene" concert as the thunderstorm situation turned evil again, once again evacuating people from the main party grounds for three hours. The concert was restarted, and we enjoyed the main competitions until very late in the night.

While we had been unlucky in regards of the weather, we all had a blast, with people crying in joy to finally be able to see each other again and to party together.

And one thing is clear: UC12 is going to last for a full week again.

This page will be updated within the next few weeks, adding more videos.


Image Credits: MRC, Anderer, DoubleJ, Dritter, Fashion, JustMona, Losso, RufUsul, Topy44, v3nom, v1rgul



Only at UC11 the incredible / inedible Jakob Bienenhalm was playing the BEST from the 80s, 90s, an

Check out the live recording of the concert. You can either download it, or scroll down to stream it right away.